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Everybody's fantasized about fucking someone else's wife, but swingers take it a step further. You've heard the stories about the wild 70s and 80s parties where married couples would screw each other's brains out at someone's house? Well, we've got the videos that prove they're still at it today. These husband and wife duos are hot, horny, and down to fuck anyone who shows up. Swinging isn't just limited to old couples, though, there are plenty of younger pairs who love to swap partners and see just what kind of sexual magic they can work with a stranger. What woman doesn't love to watch her man absolutely destroy someone else's wife, knowing she's got the most talented stud in the stable? After he's done, he'd love to watch her demonstrate her cock sucking talents, blowing another dick until she gets a big load all over her face. Group sex is just the kind of thing that happens when sexually liberated couples get together and let their libidos run wild. When it comes down to it, everybody just wants to have fun, and there's no better way to have fun than the pure debauchery that the swinger lifestyle has to offer. You'll love watching the hotwife action in these free porn videos on any device you own.