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Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey came out, BDSM has been a hot topic for sexually adventurous couples. Hell, with 100 million copies sold, a lot of people were definitely hiding dirty little secrets. Some people take their bedroom kinks a few steps further than an innocent spanking here or some sexy lingerie and roleplay as Master and slave. In this kind of scenario, the submissive offers their Dominant everything they want without question or hesitation, so you definitely see how it would appeal to a certain kind of pervert. Sex slaves often wear a collar as a tasteful way to remind themselves where their place is without raising suspicions in public. A collared subbie knows that she belongs to Sir and that her job is to fulfill his every order as best she can, whether it's something mundane like cleaning the house or something kinky like waiting by the door with her ass in the air for him to come fuck it. Slave roleplay isn't for everybody, but for the people who are confident and self aware enough to indulge in it, it can be some of the most exciting sex you'll ever have. UberPorny always recommends safe and sane sex and also recommends watching our slave porn videos for fresh ideas if you need them.