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Fat bottomed girls may make the world go round for some men, but others like their objects of desire to be neat and petite. Skinny girls are a lot of fun because you can get away with manhandling them in ways that bigger girls just don't go for. It would be pretty hard to do a standing 69 with Gianna Michaels, but you could pick up Piper Perri and do anything you wanted to her. Petite sluts love being tossed around and rough fucked by big strong men. These women love nothing better than being dominated by a stud who knows what he wants. It's easy to imagine a 100 pound waif bending to your every whim, getting down on her knees to suck a huge cock or bending over to wiggle her tiny ass as a tease. One of the best things about fucking a really skinny girl is the way they squeal when a well hung buck bottoms out inside her. Of course, they're cum-crazy and love nothing better than getting filled up with a huge load, letting it drip out of their soaking wet pussy. You don't find a lot of skinny MILF porn out there, unfortunately, but these eager teenies have you covered at