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There's a reason big bush went out of style in porn decades ago. Smooth, shaved pussy just looks so much more inviting, and it makes for a pretty tasty treat too. Almost every pornstar goes with the completely bald look, though some show off their independence by growing out a landing strip or maybe a little more. It's just such a treat when a man is sliding his hands up a willing woman's skirt and finds nothing but hot, wet pussy waiting for him. College girls almost always shave because they love to get oral sex performed on them, and cunnilingus experts agree that a lack of stubble makes it easier to get your tongue where it needs to be. Naturally, hot and horny MILFs make sure they're properly groomed before they're on the prowl for some fresh hard cocks. It's smart for men to take the time to shave too, because there's a simple equation: slut gets down on her knees + shaved balls = you get your balls licked. In a world where cocksucking and pussy eating are practically the same as waving hello, grooming is super important. For the smoothest, sexiest genitals anywhere on the internet, make sure you visit every day.