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Power imbalances and exchanges are one of the basic elements of sexual fantasies, and there are very few relationships that have a bigger imbalance than the boss and his secretary. This is a classic trope with all kinds of possibilities for sexy fun. The college coed who just wants to impress her sexy billionaire boss is always a good excuse for a nubile nymph to put on some stockings, a short skirt, and a very professional blouse with buttons that are straining at the seams. She might be a sultry seductress who loves to work her charms on an older, more experienced man, or maybe he’s the kind of guy who loves to mold a pretty girl into an obedient fucktoy. No matter what the case may be, these videos definitely lend themselves to more BDSM sex and master/slave type relationships than they do ordinary sex. Of course, there are only so many things you can get away with in an office setting, but that doesn’t stop horny employees from pushing the limits of the fraternization policy. As long as you keep it quiet and don’t get caught bending your secretary over the copier, you’re good to go. Here at UberPorny, we support you checking out these sexy free porn clips any time you want to get off at work.