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Everybody's heard about what goes on at Asian massage parlors, but only recently did some enterprising pornographers come up with the idea of filming it. It's really a perfect scenario if you think about it. A hot mom comes in, her back all knotted and kinked up after several days of hard housework that her boring husband didn't help out with. Who could help her out better than a big muscular masseuse, the kind of guy who really knows what he's doing with his strong hands? Hot, oiled up bodies, fingers working out the tight spots, and next thing you know, maybe he's taking a few liberties with his hands. Sometimes she secretly wants him to get aggressive, ripping her tight yoga pants open so he can play with her asshole on the massage table. Of course, the fantasy works both ways. Men love the idea of a sexy Asian masseuse teasing him with her hand around his cock, stroking him as the ultimate form of stress relief. What started out as an innocent day off work quickly turns into the kind of hot sex you can only find on UberPorny. We have every kind of dirty massage video you're looking for and even some that you didn't know you needed to watch.