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Humiliation is a particularly intense kind of roleplaying and it definitely isn't for the easily offended or the weak at heart. A woman who craves this kind of verbal and physical abuse is the kind of slut who is absolutely confident in what she wants and the best way to get it from the man she's giving the privilege to. An inexperienced man might settle for just calling a girl a slut or a whore, but that kind of thing isn't enough to really turn the crank of a true humiliation fetishist. She's just not going to be happy unless she's being slapped around, told she's a worthless hole, and maybe even spat on or forced to eat ass. It can be a private experience or a public disgrace, particularly in Europe where they're a little more sexually open than in some countries. UberPorny has hot videos of Czech girls being tied up and led down the street wearing nothing but the rope that binds them before they stop at a bar and get their brains fucked out by anybody who wants a piece. A slutty bitch walking away from a fuck fest with “FUCK MEAT” written on her face and cum in her hair would be particularly humiliating. You'll definitely get horny as fuck watching fuck pigs get what's coming to them in these roleplay videos.