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They say French is the language of love, but we have to say it's also the language of fucking. The French just have a certain way with words when it comes to convincing a nervous college girl to let her inhibitions run free. Of course, you don't see a lot of uptight women from that part of the world anyway. There's a reason you see a lot more exhibitionism and voyeurism from that part of the world, not to mention kinky fetish sex. Who could overlook the famous French maid costume, too? There's just something about black silk, lace, and stockings that drives men wild. It's a favorite for camgirls, but only a true native has the je ne sais quoi to pull off that look properly. Bare breasts are just a part of France's cultural heritage, from Agnes Sorel's habit of wearing gowns with one titty popped out during the Middle Ages all the way to the famous Marianne bust. Sex and sexuality are intimately tied together for Française women in a way that goes deeper than most countries. Don't let the stereotypes fool you, either – these sluts definitely know how to work a razor. UberPorny is proud to be the best source for international free porn videos.